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Biju Breweries intends to set up a micro-brewery (Beer pub along with a sea food restaurant) that will be located on an ideal location on sea side at Mauritius.

We are on the brink of penetrating a lucrative market in a rapidly-growing economy. The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for Biju Breweries to penetrate the market. Our products will be positioned very carefully. They will be of extremely high quality to ensure customer satisfaction, supported by impeccable service to our customers. Our primary goal will be to establish and strengthen our license to trade, which will be bestowed by the society in which we function. As Biju Breweries prospers and grows, the society will continue to benefit from both the value created by Biju Breweries and its behavior as a corporate citizen.

To prosper there is need for Sedibeng to be flexible and responsive, to delight customers by providing them with what they want, when they want it and before the competition. From product concept to goods dispatch we intend to ensure that every policy and procedure, system and process must have the objective of improving the flexibility and response of the whole company. There is a need for interaction between all functional areas, particularly between marketing and manufacturing, if the organization is to realize its full potential, with manufacturing being employed as a strategic weapon.

Our marketing strategy will be based mainly on ensuring customers know what need the product(s) is able to fulfil, and making the right product and information available to the right target customer. Hence we intend to implement a market penetration strategy that will ensure that we are well known and respected in our respective industry. We will ensure that our products' prices take into consideration people's budgets, and that these people appreciate the product(s) and know that it exists, including where to find it. However these prices will also take into consideration the cost of production and distribution so as to ensure that we remain viable and operational.

Our target markets will primarily constitute the corporate and working class who appreciate good quality traditional beer. The common bond will be the appreciation of a good-quality traditional brew able to fulfil their thirst.

Biju Breweries intends to provide the customer with more than just a traditional brew. We intend to provide a quality brew that will not only be refreshing and pleasurable, but also encourage gatherings and sharing of fun. Our customers are assured of products that have been produced using the highest quality standards.
We shall strive to attain our primary goal, which is to develop and strengthen the society in which we function. AsBiju Breweries prospers and grows, Mauritius will continue to benefit from both the value created by Sedibeng and its behavior as a corporate citizen.


Today we are experiencing rapid growth in the economy of unsurpassed nature. This has been brought about by (amongst other things) the relaxation of foreign exchange policies and macro-economic policies geared towards attracting foreign investors into the country.

Having undertaken a thorough and comprehensive research of the market we realized that there was a need for a manufacturer that focuses on producing affordable thirst quenching brew tailored to satisfying client's needs. Though there are breweries currently on the market, some of whom have been in existence for a relatively long period of time, we believe that there is a market need for one (ourselves in this instance) that particularly focuses on the low to medium earning individuals. We intend to provide products of extremely high quality--something that cannot be over-emphasized in the international arena with the current drive towards globalization.

We intend to ensure that our marketing strategies are considerate of the importance of the fit between our products capabilities and benefits, and the target market, so as to develop a strong sustainable competitive position in the market.

Our target markets are increasingly growing towards recognizing the difference between poor quality brews and those of high quality. This development is an important trend for us as it represents our target market. We now are having an increasing number of people who appreciate the traditional brews whilst living in the urban areas

Today's extremely stressful work environment dictates that individuals consume healthy drinks especially in the summer season, this presents an opportunity that we may exploit, marketing the health aspect of our beverages.

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